Vroom Demo Instructions

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Media Commons


  • log into demo@vroomcglx.calit2.net
  • sudo clusterwin
  • clearcursor
  • csdstart
  • cd SCRIPTS
  • ./mediacommons
  • MediaCommons reads mediacommons_settings.conf file (in SCRIPTS directory)
  • sharedPath sets default search path for images, points to picture directory on thumper

Show Images

  • Double right click for main menu
  • Add Standard Media -> Pictures
  • Select picture to load
  • Double middle click toggles dock

Add Images to Server

  • ssh root@panoptes.ucsd.edu
  • cd /home/demo/data/images
  • mkdir <newdir>
  • copy images here
  • chmod 664 on images
  • chown 502.502 on images


  • To reboot entire cluster: sudo clusterreboot
  • To kill all mediacommons processes: tentakel killall -9 mediacommons


Network Graphs

  • enable plugin "Network"
  • click File
  • "Bugs 200" is Larry's 200 most common microbes
  • left mouse button to pan
  • scale with mouse wheel
  • in menu: enable "color" to color edges; slider beneath will strip off detail
  • escape to quit

osgEarth with schools and air polluters

Enable OsgEarth and CalSchoolFit in vroom.xml:

<OsgEarth value="off" />
<BorderWait value="off" />
<CalSchoolFit value="off" />

You need to adjust <Hand1> in the configuration. Comment block the first definition (this is the green arrow Andrew uses), and uncomment the second block.

          <Address system="1" body="0" />
          <ButtonMask system1="0x0F" />
          <Valuator0 system="1" number="0" />
          <Address system="4" body="0" />
          <Graphic value="CONE" />
          <ButtonMask system3="0x0F" />
          <GenPositionEvents value="false" />

To fly, in the menu select OsgEarth and enable navigation mode and then select fly as your default navigation means.

OsgEarth has simple schools you can enable and disable and smog blooms. CalSchoolFit has the stacked bar graphs that you can enable and disable for the different grads.