Varrier screens

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Varrier Screen Calibration

  • Start the Varrier as if you were running the Mars demo:
    • wall_on
    • RUN_MARS
    • Place the cursor in the Mars window
  • Activate screen isolation and modify color for optimal performance. Use the following key strokes to isolate green/pink so that it completely covers the screen. Look with right eye to optimize pink and left eye for green. Toggle the keys for optimized color.
  • Keys:
    • F9 for the combiner
    • Ctrl-Tab for test patters
    • Ctrl-Page up/down for screen selection
    • Ctrl-Shift left/right angle
    • Ctrl-Cursor up/down arrows for optical thickness
    • Ctrl-Cursor left/right arrows for shift
  • Save the configuration: back up the current configuration file at /home/DEMO/evl/varrier/electro-current/config/
  • Replace the configuration output on the screen with the new configuration file by cutting and pasting in gedit or some other editor.