Using the V.360 Surround Camera

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The V.360 camera records stills and video.



  • Field of view: 360 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical
  • Video frame rate: 30 fps
  • Video format: MP4
  • Video resolution: 6480 x 1080
  • Burst mode: 5 pictures in quick succession
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • USB port: version 3.0
  • Storage: Micro SD, up to 128GB


  • Recorded video consists of two 180 degree strips, stacked on one another without separation. The resolution of this footage is 3248 x 2178. MP4 video file size is ~2.4MB per second. The video codec is H264-MPEG4 AVC Part 10 (avc1). The video includes audio in stereo at 48kHz (as reported by VLC).
  • Camera comes with conversion software "V360 Video Exporter". It converts to Youtube format (3840 x 1698 pixels) or Panoramic (3840 x 642 pixels). Both conversions result in files 1/4 the size of the original. The Youtube type adds black space at top and bottom of the video to pad it for a 180 degree vertical field of view.

Viewing with Gear VR

Panoramic Videos

  • Two approaches for conversion:
    • Simple approach (cuts resolution in half): Export video with video exporter to Youtube format.
    • Advanced approach (retains original 6k resolution): Use FFMPEG
  • To use MilkVR player:
    • Add "_360x180" to the file name. Example: original file is 20160128_131244.mp4. Rename to 20160128_131244_360x180.mp4.
    • Copy file to phone's MilkVR directory.
    • Put on Gear VR and run MilkVR. The file should show up under Downloaded.
  • To use Samsung VR player:
    • Add "_3dpv" to the filename before the extension (or _3dph for horizontally split video)
    • Copy the file anywhere on the phone, including the SD card
    • Put on Gear VR and run Samsung VR
    • Go to downloads folder
    • Play video. May need to push the video format button a few times until it's correctly played back.
    • Look here for more information.

Panoramic Photos

  • Create folder "360Photos" under Oculus folder.
  • Create your own subfolder under Oculus/360Photos folder for the new images.
  • Load photos into this folder.
  • Put "360x60" etc in file names? Not sure about next step-pictures won't show up in 360 yet