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Cave Availability

Check the tour/demo schedule here

Starting Joystick

  • Joystick is plugged into USB port.
  • Open Terminal window. Note: CalVR and VRPN for joystick tracking will be run in separate terminal windows.
  • Navigate to directory containing Joystick tracking executable.
    cd /home/neuro/CalVR/bin
  • The "vrpn.xml" configuration file should already be in this directory, but if not, the most up to date file location is: "/home/neuro/CalVR/applications/vrpn_libusb_general/vrpn.xml"
  • Type the following command into the terminal

  • There are a few possible ways that this command may not run properly.
    • If the output from the terminal indicates that the "vrpn.xml" configuration file was not found, use the following command:
      ./libusb_general_server XXX
      Where "XXX" is the absolute path to the "vrpn.xml" configuration file.
    • If the terminal output indicates that:
      libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/XXX/XXX
      There are two solutions:
      • Run the previous command again as a sudo command.
        sudo ./libusb_general_server
      • Modify permissions of the USB joystick. sudo chmod a+rw /dev/bus/usb/XXX/XXX and run the previous command again.
      • Note: Both solutions require sudo privileges. If you do not have sudo privileges, have a user that does and run the second command to modify the permissions of the USB device.

Starting OpenAL Audio Server for NexCave

  • VNC into Server (IP:
  • Start Jack Router.
    • Launch the Jack Pilot app.
    • Click start.
  • Launch OAS.
    • Open a terminal.
    • Type: cd OAS/Open-Audio-Server/server/build/bin
      Then: ./OAS oas_config.xml

  • Note: If VNC does not work, access the server from its physical location in the server room (1608 B).


  • To confirm that the Joystick is plugged in to the head node, open a terminal and type in the command

and hit enter.

You should see

 Logitech, Inc. ATK3 (Attack III Joystick)

among the listed USB devices.

  • If a node hangs on a black screen after exiting CalVR, run tentakel killall -9 CalVR in the terminal window.