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Programming Projects


  • Project 1 may be done in teams of two.
  • Team work is not allowed for projects 2 through 6.
  • The final project may be done in teams of two or three.


  • All homework projects are due on the due dates posted on the Schedule of Classes.
  • Generally, we will not grade homework projects before the due date. We want to use the office hours primarily for homework support.
  • If you cannot come to the lab on the due date, you must email the instructor ahead of time and demonstrate your homework project to a TA or tutor before the deadline, during their office hours.
  • On the due date, you can submit your homework projects during any TA/tutor office hours, or during the main grading session.
  • During the main grading session on Fridays:
    • List your name on the whiteboard once you get to the lab. The homework will be graded in this order. Once the list is empty, grading will end.
    • There is no homework assistance.

How much are you allowed to talk about the projects outside of your team?

You are allowed to discuss the homework projects with your classmates, even down to the level of algorithms, but everybody/every team needs to write the C++ code separately and independently. You are allowed to use code you find on the internet, as long as it was not written specifically for this course, and if you can demonstrate that you understand every single line of the code when we ask you to explain it. You should label code that was copy-pasted from elsewhere as such, and to list the URL you found it at, just as you would with citations in an article you write.

If we find that homework projects from different individuals/teams share identical code, everyone with that code will get zero points for the project, and we will consider disciplinary action as outlined on UCSD's web site on "Consequences of Cheating".