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Programming Projects


Project 1 may be submitted in teams of two students, but individual submissions are fine. Projects 2 to 6 are strictly individual projects. The final project must be submitted in teams of two or three students.


  • All homework projects are due on the due dates posted on the Schedule of Classes.
  • Homework projects can be presented to the TA/tutors or the instructor during any office hour slot before their due date to get full credit.
  • During the homework grading session on Fridays: list your name on the whiteboard in the Grading section once you get to the lab. The homework will be graded in this order. Once no names are left on the whiteboard, grading will end.
  • If you have documented reason not having been able to get graded before grading ended (such as a class which ends during the grading window): ZIP/TAR up your source code and send it to the instructor before the end of the grading window. The instructor will then make arrangements for your grading.