Mobile Old Town Osaka Viewer

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Project Overview

The goal is to view old town Osaka on an Android device in an augmented reality.


  • Modeled buildings surrounding Cybermedia Center on Osaka University Toyonaka campus
  • Viewed models in a location-based augmented reality walking application
  • Uploaded portion of old town Osaka model into application

To-Do in Osaka

  • Two parallel efforts: #1 Osaka model
    • Modify (downsize) and divide 3D model of old town Osaka in 3ds Max
    • Load 3D model of old town Osaka into Android device
    • Scale model to correct, life-size scale
  • Effort #2: rotations and location changes
    • Allow rotations of model based on accelerometers and compass
    • Change location based on GPS data
  • Combine both efforts


Sumin Wang