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  1. Server Preparation
    1. Switch inputs to Megapixel
    2. Use DVI ramp and serial box to initialize each screen
      1. If issue with first quadrant (miranda) move input into DVI 2 input, from the console run 'init 3' then 'init5'. The miranda light should be green and you can switch the DVI input into the correct port
    3. run 'xhost +' from the console, this will allow the demo to be solely run from the floor
      1. Note: 'opencover' can be run from this terminal
      2. To check if track is running ' ps -aef | grep trackd'
      3. To kill the trackd process 'killall -9 trackd'
  1. Wanda Preparation (controller)
    1. Connect ethernet cable to tracking PC (test by opening a browser)
    2. Open serial to usb application and verify the device is idle
      1. If it is not idle, disconnect the usb and serial components and plug usb side back in
      2. Wait until us serial application says idle and then reconnection the serial cable
    3. Turn the tracking boxes on (base box first and then top box)
      1. The top box lights should flash green 2 times
    4. Start local tracking service (TrackingServer), if this runs correctly then the terminal will stay open and you will see values
      1. if it fails, check that the serial connection is idle and then restart the tracking boxes (turn off from top to bottom, and turn back on from bottom to top.. green light should flash twice)
    5. ssh into megapixel from putty
    6. 'starttrackd', you should see values coming up on the screen
      1. if no values or it fails to start "killall -9 trackd"
      2. repeat start procedure
    7. ssh into megapixel from putty (open a second terminal)
    8. start 'opencover'
      1. if fails, most likely issue 'xhost +' needs to be set on the server
      2. Note: 'opencover' can also be run from the control room (e.g directly on megapixel)
  1. Suggestions:
    1. I would set up everything prior to the demo (maybe the night before), so the only things that needs to occur for the demo is, the control room routes Megapixels video signal to the Sony and the enter 'opencover' from their terminal. The demo person just has to stand on stage and present the application.