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Project Overview

Sketch is simple sketching application that allows for the quick design of a Kinect-based 3D menu system based on wireframe shapes. Users can place spheres, boxes, cylinders, and cones of varying sizes and colors in 3D space. These shapes can be placed in circular, horizontal, and vertical layouts which automatically arrange the shapes. Sample 3D icons are added to each shape, to give an idea of how a menu system might look.




  • Place sphere, cylinder, cone, and box shapes.
  • Add shapes to circular, horizontal, and vertical layouts.
  • Ability to select, resize, and move shapes and layouts.
  • Save and load osg files.
  • Ability to adjust tessellation of shapes.
  • Option to snap object position to configurable grid size.
  • Icons - hand, bicycle, magnifying glass, bird, car, plane, file, and 3D text.
  • Translucent, pulsating, and bolded highlights.


  • Option to snap object orientation to 90 degree angles.
  • Freeze checkbox to move GUI nodes from ObjectsRoot to SceneRoot and back.


Software Developers:

  • Cathy Hughes
  • Andrew Prudhomme

Project Advisors: