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DSC 180B Capstone Section A01: Explainable AI


In this capstone domain we are going to study how we can make machine learning systems more user friendly by exploiting additional knowledge we can derive from the system and present it to the user. These types of systems are called Explainable AI.

In this second quarter of the capstone domain, the teams that were formed in the first quarter will be working on their capstone projects. In the weekly discussions we will get updates from randomly selected teams, and also discuss anything that might be of interest to multiple/all teams.

This class will be entirely remote.


Week Discussion Date Discussion Wed 9-9:50am (Link to Slides) Checkpoints
1 Jan 6 Overview
2 Jan 13 Week 2
3 Jan 20 Week 3
4 Jan 27 Week 4
5 Feb 3 Week 5 Midterm Checkpoint due Feb 7
6 Feb 10 Week 6
7 Feb 17 Week 7
8 Feb 24 Week 8
9 Mar 3 Week 9 Final Checkpoint
10 Mar 10 Week 10

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Direct CNN Visualization