Convert Fuji MPO files to JPEG

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Andrew Prudhomme wrote a command line tool which converts Fuji MPO files, which contain two stereo images, to the two JPEG files it contains. This image format is created by the Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1 stereo camera.

At this link we provide a ZIP file with the Windows executable and the source code, as well as a Makefile for Linux.

To use the tool you call it from the command line with:

mpoSplit <filename.MPO>

and it will create two files filename-L.JPG and filename-R.JPG for the left and right eye image, respectively.

In order to convert all MPO files in a directory, this tcsh shell script does the job:

foreach i (*.MPO)
./mpoSplit $i

Alternative Method

Download the free program StereoPhoto Maker. StereoPhoto Maker loads MP0 files. You can then save the MP0 as two separate JPEG images.

StereoMovie Maker is a freeware utility that takes 3D video generated from the Fuji camera. You can save the video as two separate AVI videos.

Note: If StereoMovie Maker complains about "MJPG," you need to download the Motion JPG Codec.