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CSE 190 (VR Technology) Spring 2017 Schedule

The lecture titles are links to the slides once they have been uploaded.

This schedule is subject to change.

Week Begins on Date Discussion Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm Lecture Tuesday 2:00-3:20pm Lecture Thursday 2:00-3:20pm Grading Friday 2pm
1 April 3 No discussion Overview VR History No grading
2 April 10 Discussion Project 1 (slides) Monocular Vision Stereo Vision No grading
3 April 17 Discussion Project 1 (slides) Color Vision Human Vision Grading Project 1
4 April 24 Discussion Project 2 (slides) 3D Stereo 3D Stereo No grading
5 May 1 Discussion Project 2 VR Lab Open House VR Displays Grading Project 2
6 May 8 Discussion Project 3 (slides) Homework project 3 introduction VR Displays No grading
7 May 15 Discussion Project 3 (slides) Head-Mounted Displays Head-Mounted Displays Part 2 Grading Project 3
8 May 22 Midterm Discussion (slides) Head-Mounted Displays Part 3 Midterm Exam No grading
9 May 29 Discussion Final Project VR Tracking Midterm Discussion No grading
10 June 5 Discussion Final Project (slides) Optical Tracking Multi-User VR No grading
11 June 12 No discussion Final Project: Presentations in CSE 1202 3-4pm; then demonstrations in CSE B210 4-6pm No lecture No grading