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CSE 165 Winter 2019 Schedule

The lecture titles are links to the slides once they have been uploaded.

This schedule is subject to change.

Week Begins Monday 4-4:50pm @B210 Tuesday 2-3:20pm @B210 Thursday 2-3:20pm @B210 Friday 3pm @B210 Related Textbook Chapters
1 January 7 No discussion Course Introduction 3D UI Overview No grading 1
2 January 14 Discussion Homework Assignment 1 (slides1 slides2) Selection and Manipulation Part 1 Selection and Manipulation Part 2 No grading 2
3 January 21 No discussion (holiday) Wayfinding Wayfinding Homework Assignment 1 due 5
4 January 28 Discussion Homework Assignment 2a (slides) Travel Techniques Tracking Technologies Homework Assignment 2a due 4
5 February 4 Discussion Homework Assignment 2b (slides) 3D Input Devices 3D Input Devices Homework Assignment 2b due 7
6 February 11 Discussion Homework Assignment 3 (slides) Today's VR Controllers System Control Late grading Homework Assignment 2b 6, 8
7 February 18 No discussion (holiday) System Control Early VR Controllers Homework Assignment 3 due 9
8 February 25 Midterm Discussion (slides) Symbolic Input Part 1 Midterm Exam (Previous: 2017, 2018) Late grading Homework Assignment 3 10
9 March 4 Discussion Final Project (slides) Symbolic Input Part 2 UI Evaluation No grading 10
10 March 11 No discussion; Blog #1 due Midterm review UI Design Strategies No grading 11, 13
11 March 18 No discussion; Blog #2 due No lecture Final project videos 3-4pm in CSE 1242, then demos 4-6pm in CSE B210 No grading