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Recalibrating Tracking in the StarCAVE

  • Switch KVM to tracker PC (PC2)

Camera numbers:

  • 1 = left
  • 2 = on door
  • 3 = front center
  • 4 = right

Calibration mode: Powerwall

Placement of L-shape: corner in center of cave, long edge pointing right, short edge pointing to front wall (edge between walls)

Turn on/off Cameras in WAVE

The tracking cameras should only be running when the WAVE is being used. Otherwise the IR emitters will wear prematurely.


echo -n "/home/calvr/Downloads/DTrack2_v2.9.4/DTrack2 tracking start" | nc smarttrack-00057 50105


echo -n "/home/calvr/Downloads/DTrack2_v2.9.4/DTrack2 tracking stop" | nc smarttrack-00057 50105