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(Shader Programming)
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==C++ Programming ==
==C++ Programming ==
* [http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq/ C++ FAQ]
* [https://isocpp.org/faq Frequently asked questions on C++]
* [http://dept.cs.williams.edu/~lenhart/courses/cs371/c++forjava.html C++ for Java programmers]
==Advanced Graphics Programming==
==Advanced Graphics Programming==

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Textbook and Resources

All material relevant to homework projects and exams will be taught in class. The instructor's lecture slides, as well as the discussion slides will be available on this wiki as part of the course schedule. For more detail and background information on the covered topics, the instructor recommends the following textbook for this course.

Peter Shirley, Steve Marschner: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, Fourth Edition, 2015 (earlier editions will also work). A K Peters/CRC Press, ISBN 1482229390 Author's site, Amazon.com, On-Line at Google Books Shirley-cover2015.jpg

Useful Web Links

3D Graphics

Shader Programming

C++ Programming

Advanced Graphics Programming