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Past Projects

Active Projects

ArtifactViz with Android (Jonathan Shamblen, 2013)


Focal Stacks (Jurgen Schulze, 2013)

Coral-thumbnail.png SIO will soon have a new microscope which can generate focal stacks faster than before. We are working on algorithms to visualize and analyze these focal stacks.

Android Head Tracking (Ken Dang, 2013)

Tumbnail.jpg The Project Goal is to create a Android App that would use face detection algorithms to allows head tracking on mobile devices

Camelot (Thomas Gray, 2013)

GoProHero2Stereoscopic.jpg The goal of this project is to create a multi-camera video capture system.

zspace Linux Fix (Thomas Gray, 2013)

ZspaceProduct.jpg The goal of this project is to create a fix for the zspace's stereo display of content, which gets mixed up from time to time. Using additional hardware external to the computer, a fix can be made which determines if the screen is correctly initialized and displaying content with the proper stereo orientation.

ZSculpt - 3D Sculpting with the zSpace (Thinh Nguyen, 2013)

Image-missing.jpg The goal of this project is to explore the use of the zSpace VR system for 3D sculpting.

Magic Lens (Tony Chan, Michael Chao, 2013)

MagicLens2.jpg The goal of this project is to research the use of smart phones in a virtual reality environment.

Pose Estimation for a Mobile Device (Kuen-Han Lin, 2013)

Kitchen.jpg The goal of this project is to develop an algorithm which runs on a PC to estimate the pose of a mobile Android device, linked via wifi.

Multi-User Graphics with Interactive Control (MUGIC) (Philip Weber, Nadia Zeng, Andy Muehlhausen, 2012-)

TD performance.jpg This project allows artists without programming background to render images with CalVR, essentially allowing them to express their artworks and creativity in a much larger scale. See the project in action, and a more recent performance with it (starts at 14:00 min).

PanoView360 (Andrew Prudhomme, Dan Sandin, 2010-)

Image-missing.jpg Researchers at UIC/EVL and UCSD/Calit2 have developed a method to acquire very high resolution, surround and stereo panorama images using dual SLR cameras. This VR application allows viewing these approximately gigabyte sized images in real-time and supports real-time changes of the viewing direction and zooming.

VOX and Virvo (Jurgen Schulze, 1999-)

Deskvox.jpg Ongoing development of real-time volume rendering algorithms for interactive display at the desktop (DeskVOX) and in virtual environments (CaveVOX). Virvo is name for the GUI independent, OpenGL based volume rendering library which both DeskVOX and CaveVOX use.