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Homework Project 3: Coronavirus-Themed AR App

You will need an AR compatible smartphone for this project. Compatibility lists at:


Your application needs to use Unity's ARFoundation

theme: make a Coronavirus themed AR application


  • identify horizontal or vertical plane (table, floor, wall, etc)
  • place a custom 3D object on it
  • utilize colliders (for interaction (virtual laser pointer) or physical simulation or other purposes)
  • virtual gaze with screen tap for interaction
  • interaction with virtual object(s) that are anchored in the physical space

Suggestions for custom 3D objects:

  • coronavirus model (scientific or cartoon style)
  • models of wipes, soap bar, syringe, swabs, spray bottle, bucket, mask, face, nose, mouth
  • Coronavirus models on Thingiverse

You can use Meshlab to convert large polygon models to fewer polygons.

submission by video optional: screening of all videos in lecture