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In order for plugin to be functional, it must be built and given proper configuration in the CalVR Config File. This page is for listing library and data dependencies for a plugin, as well as providing an example for the xml configuration entry.




This plugin requires the models and images from the 'kyle' data folder.

Config Example

 <Database value="/home/aprudhom/data/kyle/artifact-databank/artifactslist.txt" />
 <TopoFile value="/home/aprudhom/data/kyle/3d-model/Ken3dv3.wrl" />
 <PicFolder value="/home/aprudhom/data/kyle/pictures/AllPics/" />
 <DCInfoFile value="/home/aprudhom/CVRPlugins/calit2/ArtifactVis/DCCategories.txt" />
 <LociFile value="/home/aprudhom/CVRPlugins/calit2/ArtifactVis/AreaMLociDepth.kml" />
 <MaxVisibleRange value="1000000000.0" />
  <X value="-3396591.682" />
  <Y value="-733458.55" />
  <Z value="-49.44" />
  <Longitude value="35.491239" />
  <Latitude value="30.628039" />
 <Tessellation value=".2" />
 <ArtifactPanel x="-200" y="25" z="100" scale="1.0" /> 

Replace the data paths to the 'kyle' folder with the ones on your system. The DCCategories.txt and AreaMLociDepth.kml files are in with the plugin source, change the paths as needed. The Tessellation value determines how well to draw the spheres. The ArtifactPanel tag determines the default location and scale of the selection dialog panel.



Config Example