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cwall-1 (Quadro M5000, Windows 10) w/zSpace cwall-2 (Saurabh's Windows 10 PC, GTX 580) gneiss (KOI PC), slate (Dell XPS) w/zSpace flint (CentOS 6.8, Quadro 5600)
skarn (Dell Studio, Windows 7), sessions (GTX 680, CentOS) marl (Windows 10 w/Oculus Rift, GTX 680) Philip: (main PC with CentOS) Andrew's desk: lava + old XPS PC
couts2 (Windows 10 PC w/Oculus Rift, 980Ti) shale (Windows 10, Dell OptiPlex 380, for 3D modeling) cg11 (CentOS 7, GTX 780) sgnsvr1 (Windows 10, Oculus Rift)