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Weekly Group Meetings

Our weekly meetings are on Fridays from 11am-12:30pm in Atkinson Hall room 2004. Every week one group member demonstrates their latest results.

News and Updates

Demo Schedule

4/17/09 Andrew
4/24/09 Jordan
5/1/09 Han
5/8/09 Mabel
5/15/09 Sasha
5/29/09 Philip
6/5/09 Jurgen
6/19/09 Lelin
6/26/09 Leo
7/10/09 Andrew
7/17/09 Han
7/24/09 Torsten
7/31/09 Talha
9/25/09 Lelin
10/02/09 Seth
10/16/09 no demo
10/23/09 no demo
10/30/09 cancelled
11/06/09 Philip
11/20/09 no demo
12/04/09 Philip
12/11/09 Jurgen
12/18/09 Leo
01/08/10 Ken
01/15/10 Andrew
01/22/10 Han
01/29/10 Lelin

Notes 5/15/09

  • Fire demos on Thursday:
    • StarCAVE: HMI, LOOK, Blackbox, Panoview, Spatialized Sound
    • Varrier: HPWREN wildfire
  • Daniel Acevedo/KAUST joined Calit2 until July 1st
  • plugin policy:
    • no loading of any geometry in init()
    • no touching the object space in init()
    • no loading delay in init()
  • google sketchup pro has been ordered
  • andrew: saitek integrated, optitrack completed; optitrack cameras moved; alioscopy depth compression improved; thumb works again
  • mabel: removed geometry in fans; started blue-gene project
  • daniel tenedorio: covise installed
  • han: force all cave nodes to load all geometry: setCullingActive(false), then in the next frame reset to true
  • jordan: implemented lookup table
  • lelin: openvrui icons are in covise/icons/UI
  • sasha: problem with contexts: need to load textures once per OpenGL context; cut SunGod images in half


  • get tripods for optitrack cameras, or mount some on ceiling
  • schedule covise vtc
  • jurgen: ask steve for blue-gene data

Notes 5/8/09

  • larry reviewing demos on Monday 1pm – email has been sent
  • run cave in 10gig
  • move optitrack to jvc once alioscopy tested
  • jordan: problems multiplying values from two textures
  • han: padding
  • jurgen: get google sketchup pro
  • trish: contingency plan for cave failures
  • john Ratcliffe: move cell phone repeater?
  • covise vtc: does covise support multiple buttons? can view all be done more centrally by head node to avoid sync issues?
  • harris fire: put on wiki
  • daniel: add more buttons to covise
  • mabel: reu