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Weekly Group Meetings

April 20, 2007


  • alex/andrew: demoed xvid app w/1 camera
  • andrew: porting to sage is next
  • karen: osg shader example won't work on lab machines
  • alex/karen: glsl sample code won't work on lab 620s, but on windows
  • leo: getting 500mbit/s w/UDT; contact venkat at evl because he got 9 gbit out of 10gbit network: installed svn server
  • philip: helped daniel w/calit2 loader plugin; worked w/sendhil on pdbseq display
  • daniel: got calit2 plugin working; will set default to real size
  • vinh: has put superbrowser URLs in config file; using gtkhtml
  • michael: working on socket communication

Action items:

  • need more chairs -- done
  • send wiki instructions and request project summaries -- done
  • osg and covise updated, stereo not working yet: fix -- done

Demos next week: alex, philip

April 27, 2007


  • karen: stereo query in osg doesn't work
  • philip/chih: posters for siggraph due today
  • leo: prism gets max 2gbit/s to jpeg server: work with qian to fix
  • alex: demoed 2 video windows in sage; next is bayer conversion shader, then support for 3-4 streams
  • andrew: working on changing bitrate for multiple cameras
  • vinh: next week image map will be ready

Demos next week: daniel (complete 1st floor), michael: socket communication

Action items:

  • get 1-2 more pcs for the lab w/linux
  • get 1 more pc with windows for rincon
  • get 3rd camera for students

May 3, 2007

Action item: Send back siliconimaging, couldn't get video to show up - silicon imaging's demo software reported bad frames for every frame, were able to connect to it using SDK, but weren't able to pull frames from it.

Demos next week: daniel and michael

May 11, 2007


  • philip: simage not accessible in coin3d; added marker for pdbsequencedisplay
  • leo: first work with bplayer
  • vinh: fixed bug by rewriting rendering routine
  • karen: creating two shaders for depth person looks at, and process other images; fixed problem with texture getting used in opencover
  • alex: fixed bug in tile library: now rendering both hd images

Demos next week: vinh, andrew

Action items:

  • wiki pages missing for: philip, leo, vinh
  • talk to rincon about warranty for broken silicon imaging camera
  • check for gfx card in both boxes, one needs nvidia: need joe's help
  • turn vista box into linux box. status: qian has been notified
  • move 1 AMD pc to camera table, plus KVM
  • move 2 AMD pcs to open spots on tables
  • 3ds max for the lab
  • daniel needs occlusion culling code