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Independent Study Projects (CSE 198/199)

  • CSE 199 projects are individual projects, CSE 198 are team projects.
  • I can only support a limited amount of projects each quarter.
  • Prerequisite is that you have taken one of my graphics courses (CSE 167, 165 or 190), or that you have demonstrated equivalent experience to me.
  • Your project needs to tackle a research problem. This requires that you have a hypothesis (aka research question) and you develop a procedure to test it.
  • Your hypothesis needs to be in the area of VR or AR.
  • To apply contact me directly by email or come to my office hours.
  • You need to sign up by the end of week 2. (Even if the department deadline is later.)
  • I offer CSE 198/199 projects for 2 or 4 units. 2 units requires a commitment of 6 hours/week, at 4 units it's 12 hours/week.
  • The CSE department does not offer CSE 98 or CSE 99 projects. Freshmen and sophomores who want to sign up for a CSE 198 or 199 have to first submit a 199/198 form at the advising office, then get approval from their college.

To Sign Up

Once we agree to do a project together you need to:

  • Create a one-page write-up on the project with a one paragraph summary of it that includes your hypothesis, and a list of milestones for each of the 10 weeks of the quarter. Here is an example.
  • Follow these steps to register for a CSE 199 (individual project) or 198 (team project).

The information below should be useful to fill out the on-line form:

  • Name of Instructor: Dr. Jurgen Schulze
  • Teaching Title: Adjunct Professor
  • Prerequisite course work: depends on your background and the project - CSE 167 or CSE 165 always qualify
  • Nature and frequency of contact: weekly meeting (usually Friday mornings)
  • Means of evaluation: video presentation (details below) at end of quarter (usually on Friday before finals week)

Your Responsibilities

During the quarter:

I expect that you come to my weekly team meetings on Fridays at 11am in Atkinson Hall. This is the primary way for us to connect each week. Besides these meetings, we will schedule separate meetings as needed, especially at the beginning of the quarter. It is important to me that everyone who is expecting independent study credit from me attend these weekly meetings on a regular basis.

At the end of the quarter:

On the last Friday before finals week the team meeting at 11am in Atkinson Hall turns into a project video presentation meeting. You need to show a Youtube video of the graphics applications you created. The video should be structured to showcase the different parts of your project, and should have text overlays or voiceover to explain what can be seen. The video also needs to have a title slide with the name of your project, and the names of the members of your team if it is a CSE 198 project. You can say a few words to introduce the video. The total amount of time for your presentation including the video needs to be 5 minutes or less.