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Independent Study Projects (CSE 198/199)

  • Prerequisite is that you have taken one of my graphics courses (CSE 167, 165 or 190), or substantial experience with OpenGL, Unity 3D or the Unreal Engine.
  • To apply contact me directly by email or come to my office hour.
  • I can only support a limited number of projects each quarter.
  • I offer CSE 198/199 projects for 2 or 4 units.
  • Once we agreed on a project you need to write up the project description, along with weekly milestones (1 page), and you need to bring me the partially filled out signup form.
  • During the quarter:
    • I expect weekly progress updates in email or as an online blog.
    • I would like you to come to my weekly team meetings on Fridays at 10am in room 2004 of Atkinson Hall (unless you have another commitment at that time). This is the primary way for us to connect each week. Besides these meetings, we will schedule separate meetings as needed, especially at the beginning of the project.
  • At the end of the quarter:
    • On the last Friday before finals week my team meeting turns into a demo meeting: my students present their projects as live demos with optional slide presentations, etc. Each project gets about 10 minutes for this presentation. This event happens at Qualcomm Institute at 10am in my lab space around room 2125.
    • By Friday of finals week (late at night is fine) I would like to get two things from you:
      • A short (2-8 pages) write-up of your project in Word or Latex format, summarizing your work. There should be at least one screen shot/photograph of your software application in it. As stated on the IEEE Vis web site: "Summaries should include a concise description of the idea, the results or findings, supporting imagery and figures, and a discussion of the implications of the work to the selected domain. Full literature searches are not expected, although relevant citations should be included." The write-up should roughly follow the IEEE guidelines - you should use their template if at all possible.
      • A short (~1 minute) video demonstrating your project. The video should be at least 720p HD and in .mp4 format or on Youtube, contain a title slide with your project title and your (group's) name(s).