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Independent Study Projects (CSE 198/199)

  • Prerequisite is that you have taken one of my graphics courses (CSE 167, 165 or 190), or you can demonstrate equivalent experience.
  • To apply contact me directly by email or come to my office hour.
  • I can only support a limited number of projects each quarter.
  • I offer CSE 198/199 projects for 2 or 4 units. 2 units requires a commitment of 5 hours/week, at 4 units it's 10 hours/week.
  • The CSE department does not offer CSE 98 or CSE 99 projects. Freshmen and sophomores who want to sign up for a CSE 198 or 199 have to first submit a 199/198 form at the advising office, then get approval from their college.

To Sign Up

Once we agreed on a project you need to come to my office hours or at another time that you catch me in my office, or before or after class and bring:

  • A printout of your project description, along with weekly milestones - both usually fit on one or two pages.
  • The filled out signup form.

The top part of the form is for your personal data. You can leave Section and Section ID blank, the advising office will fill those out for you. To fill out the second section on the form use the following information:

  • Name of Instructor: Jurgen Schulze
  • Teaching Title: Adjunct Professor
  • Prerequisite course work: depends on your background and the project - CSE 167 or CSE 165 always qualify
  • Nature and frequency of contact: weekly meeting
  • Means of evaluation: presentation on Friday before finals week
  • Proposed plan: put "see attached sheet"
  • Student signature: sign and date

Your Responsibilities

During the quarter:

  • I would like you to come to my weekly team meetings on Fridays at 11am in room 2004 of Atkinson Hall (unless you have another commitment at that time). This is the primary way for us to connect each week. Besides these meetings, we will schedule separate meetings as needed, especially at the beginning of the quarter.

At the end of the quarter:

  • On the last Friday before finals week the team meeting turns into a project presentation meeting. Everyone who needs a grade from me needs to show a Google Slide presentation on their projects, which should include a video.
  • The video should be about 1 minute per person on the team. The video should be on Youtube, and start with a title slide with your project title and your (group's) name(s).
  • The slides should cover: motivation, approach, challenges, results, discussion (ie, your opinion on the project).
  • The total time for your presentation should not exceed 4 minutes plus 1 minute per team member.