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There are a few applications that can optionally be built with the CalVR core. This section describes them and how they can be configured.



This is a custom vrpn server created to read button states directly from a usb device using libusb. The primary reason we created this was for use with a Gyration Gyromouse. The advantage is that it does not go through the kernel mouse driver. This allows the device clicks to not trigger desktop mouse clicks and does not require the pointer to be in the graphics window.

It can be configured to have the scroll wheel act as a simulated valuator. Also, it can read the two axis movement to provide input as a pointer type device for CalVR tiled walls.

This server uses low level access to the device, thus is does take a little bit of work to configure it properly. Also, if the devices use a more complex protocol it may not be possible to use them with this.

Config File

Example: vrpn.cfg

numbuttons 3
vendorid 3094
productid 2
entry 0
config 0
interface 1
altsetting 0
endpoint 0
buttonoffset 1
xoffset 2
yoffset 3
wheeloffset 4
wheeltimeout 0.1