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(Course Information)
(Course Information)
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* Teaching Assistants:  
* Teaching Assistants:  
* Tutors:  
* Tutors:  
* We use [http://canvas.ucsd.edu Canvas] for TA/tutor office hours, discussion forums and grades.
* We use [http://canvas.ucsd.edu Canvas] for IA office hours and grades.
* Section Number: 22271
* Section Number: 22271
* Number of units: 4
* Number of units: 4

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CSE 167, Fall 2020: Introduction to Computer Graphics

This class provides an introduction to 3D computer graphics. We will cover the fundamentals of 3D rendering and modeling. The focus is on real-time applications using modern OpenGL. You will also learn the basics of GLSL shader programming. In the course projects you will build your own real-time rendering engine.

Screenshots of CSE 167 final projects from prior years.

Course Schedule

Click here for the course schedule.

Course Information

  • Weekly Schedule:
    • Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:50pm on Zoom
    • Homework discussion: Wednesdays 1:00-1:50pm on Zoom
    • Homework grading: off-line after submission on Canvas
  • TA and tutor office hours are held on Zoom as listed on Canvas
  • Instructor: Jurgen Schulze, office hour Tuesdays 2-3pm on Zoom (only with RSVP by email)
  • Teaching Assistants:
  • Tutors:
  • We use Canvas for IA office hours and grades.
  • Section Number: 22271
  • Number of units: 4


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