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Source Code Submission Guidelines

In addition to demonstrating the project, every homework project needs to also be submitted to TritonEd by the grading deadline.

For team projects, only one team member needs to submit the project to TritonEd, and mention the partner's name in the submission comments.

Which files should you submit?

The general rule is that there should be enough that if there was a grading issue (such as that your grade is lost before it is entered into TritonEd), you could pull your code from TritonEd with a grader present and run it as a working project, within 5 minutes or less of work.

Before you upload your files, create a ZIP file of them and upload just the ZIP file. Ideally, the name of the file contains your and your partner's names.

If you use Unity, the easiest way to know which files to upload to TritonEd is to use GitHub with correct gitattributes (Git LFS settings file) and gitignore files for Unity. Then you can download the zipped GitHub repository and upload it directly to TritonEd.

If you are not using GitHub, then at least submit all the script files you wrote for the project. Ideally, you also build a standalone executable of your project and include it in the ZIP file you upload to TritonEd.